Sitemap - 2024 - Carbon Upfront!

Why fabric remains first

Things to look forward to in our electric future

Why everyone should care about upfront carbon (and why I wrote a book about it)

Retrofit and the AI revolution

On sufficiency, upfront carbon and Passive House

What North Americans can learn from modern European bathrooms

Manifesto puts sufficiency at the heart of the EU's future

Architects and engineers like Steve Webb are rethinking the conventional wisdom of how we build

A visit to two Passivhaus schools shows how far green building has come

Other thoughts on Paris and the Declaration de Chaillot

Happy Våffeldagen (Swedish Waffle Day)

In praise of the four-poster canopy bed

What's right with this picture? No overhead wires!

The Isokon shows us how to design for living in small spaces

Tropical Modernism exhibition shows how to live without air conditioning

Strategies from the Sufficiency Toolbox: Flexibility

How to build a low-carbon home

The UNEP Conference on Buildings and Climate could make a real difference

Why the "bathroom of the future" always fails us

Between the crowds and the carbon, we should reconsider the "museum without walls"

Enough already: why we need sufficiency as well as efficiency

We should rethink the toilet from first principles

Bonus: Who will save our digital memories?

Social housing project embraces radical and elegant simplicity

The war on cars blows up in Canada again

Bonus: 270 Park Avenue and why renovation is a better use of resources than demolition and replacement

How careless design of showers is killing, maiming, and scalding people of all ages

After learning how to read books again, I try to review them.

Car and truck front ends reach new heights

In praise of stairs

Bonus: Why boomers aren't budging

Why 2024 may be the year of the Brompton

Writers: Stop it with the AI images already. You're next.

Why your toilet should have a room of its own

Bonus: How Did Our Fridges Get So Big?

Should I heat my home with a pile of bricks?

What will the kitchen of the future be like?

Why Cohousing Could Be the Answer for Aging Baby Boomers

Bring back the vestibule

We don't just have a disposable cup crisis; it's a symptom of a much bigger problem.

Happy anniversary to my new life working for me

BuildingGreen's top ten products for 2024 are not the most boring ever

How will we build with wood in a future neighbourhood?

At the Interior Design Show: the latest in killer bathtubs and silly sinks

The hot design trend of 2024: Comfort

Sorry, Doomers: Hannah Ritchie says it's Not the End of the World

Burning stuff is depriving us of years of healthy living

We hate our bathroom sink

The new manual: What is the purpose of a window?

My TMU Sustainable Design students on how to fix the world

Don't say goodbye to the kitchen (or dining) table

From the archives: Boomers and bikes were made for each other