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… but I thought that we were going to “electrify everything” as we move away from ICE vehicles and into EVs, so the whole premise behind being in idling cars to get our burger fix is a non-starter. And what about A.I. and robotics that free us from the drudgery of a 9-5 working class lifestyle? If we don’t need to work as much or as often and can sit at home doing nothing, why would we be in our cars running to get back to work as quickly as possible?

See, none of this makes any sense when viewed in the broader context of what Lloyd and others at the now defunct TreeHugger.com website have been saying for years—either their EV utopia comes to fruition and undermines the risk that new drive-thru fast food restaurants will impose, there simply will be less demand for patronizing these establishments due to less time spent at the office, or (most likely) neither will play out and we just need something else for a headline to keep our collective anxiety entertained.

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I never use the drive-thru, either at my credit union or the fast food place...

Especially the fast food place, because as stated in the movie Lethal Weapon 4 (or was it 3?), If you go through the drive-thru you cannot check your order (or something to that effect).

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What was it Dick Cheney proclaimed? Something about our way of life being non-negotiable

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